Robert Andrews

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Cineworld Cinemas plc

I am currently Sales and Marketing Coordinator within the Marketing Communications team at Cineworld Cinemas plc. My job entails looking after the national promotions run by ourselves and all third parties, in addition to managing the relationships with external agencies to whom we outsource our ad sales. I also look after the production and exhibition of corporate branding in our cinema sites and control the display of distributors' film advertising.

For a long time my ambition has been to advertise films in the movie industry. After a first degree at Lancaster (BSc in Marketing), and time spent in the media, I knew I needed something extra to stand out from the numerous other candidates in this competitive marketplace. My work experience was not relevant enough and I saw the Lancaster MSc in Advanced Marketing Management as the perfect method for achieving this.

The presence of marketing practitioners on the MSc – both lecturers and other postgraduate students – ensures you develop a well-rounded knowledge, of not only best practice, but also of what actually happens in the 'real world'. My dissertation was directly related to my chosen industry, and my current employer has stated that this work was the main reason I was offered an interview. It allowed me to develop an understanding of the film industry and gain insights into how the relevant players operate.

Today I live in West London and work for a film exhibitor. Each day I am faced with Hollywood blockbusters and decisions about how they should be promoted throughout our sites. We get to some of the premieres and even meet the odd star. But the main thing is that I enjoy my job and feel adequately equipped with the tools to execute my duties effectively – and for that, I will always be grateful to the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management.

No course can promise you a career, or even a job, but the MSc guarantees you an advantage over almost any other candidate. The programme provides you with the knowledge to succeed and, if you have the necessary passion for the industry, the ability to achieve your ambitions. If I could use two words to describe my experiences of the MSc they would be 'intense' and 'rewarding' - but after all, nothing in life worth having is easy.