International Marketing

The international marketing group is interested in both the development of the firm in international markets and the behaviour of consumers across markets.

The internationalisation of the firm and the management of brand assets brings together the work of Professor Nicholas Alexander, Dr Anto Daryanto, Dr Hina Khan and . Their research is concerned with the management of firm assets during the internationalisation process.

The emergence of the global consumer brings together the work of Professor Nicholas Alexander, Dr Sandra Awanis, , Dr Anto Daryanto and Dr Hina Khan. Their research is concerned with the globalisation of consumer culture.

Recent publications and conference presentations include:

Chandrasen, A., Alexander, N. and Daryanto, A. (2013) ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is: Home Countries and their Influences On Sojourners’ Consumption Preferences’, Reflecting on the Past, Celebrating the Present and Shaping the Future in Marketing Research, International Research Conference in Marketing, Edinburgh, September 19.

Carpenter, J., Moore, M., Alexander, N. and Doherty, AM. (2013) ‘Consumer Demographics, Ethnocentrism, Cultural Values and Acculturation to the Global Consumer Culture: a retail perspective’, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.29, No.3/4, 271-291.

Daryanto, A, Khan, H., Matlay, H. and Chakrabarti. R. (2013) Adoption of Country-Specific Business Websites: The case of UK Small Business Entering the Chinese Market, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp.650–660.

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