Selected PhD Abstracts

The following selection of PhD abstracts gives a sample of the scope of doctoral research undertaken by PhD students in the Department of Marketing.

Conceptualizing Collectives as Practice Entities and Negotiated Exchange Arenas: An Analysis of ‘Chama’ Collectives in Kenya Fredah Mwiti 2013
Youth, Multiple Selves and Alcohol Consumption: How Young Consumers Navigate Multiple Selves within a Risky Consumption Context Hayley Cocker 2013
Transition into a consumption restricted context: a phenomenological analysis of the experiences of homeless men in the UK Andres Barrios 2013
Performing Product Trajectories and Overlapping Markets: An analysis of Coffee Global Value Chains Winfred Onyas 2012
The inter-relationship between desired and undesired selves and consumption Katerina Karanika 2010
Self-image congruence and brand evaluation: examining approach and avoidance behaviour Piya Ngamcharoenmongkol  2010
Mapping Chinese Consumers’ Self-Configurations through Their Possession Narratives Phoebe Wong 2010
Power and Influence in decision-making in families: Child focused perspectives from 21st century families Ben Kerrane 2008
Consumption and Collections: the impact of collecting on the construction of identity Nia Hughes 2008
Visual structures in advertising metaphors: a conceptual framework Lampros Gkiouzepas 2007
Organising “Knowledge Transfers” between Dispersed Corporate Spaces Simone Novello 2006
In Search of Marketing Management Peter Lenney 2006
Reputational Objects. A critical re-evaluation of corporate brand management Winston Kwon 2006
Using Geodemographics to Analyse the Characteristics of Undergraduates in UK Higher Education David Tonks 2005
The making of marketing knowledge Shona M. Bettany 2005
Extending Participation in Higher Education: An Investigation into Applicant Choice Using Postcode Analysis Marc Farr 2003
An Explanation of Social Capital and Entrepreneurial Network Relationships Jim Bowey 2002
Using Coinjoint Analysis to Capture Differences in Consumers' Responses to Price of Competing Brands Ron Ventura 2002
Boolean Network Simulation for Exploring the Dynamics of Industrial Network Kristina Boyanova Georgieva 2001
"Retail Therapy": An Investigation of Compensatory Consumption and Shopping Behaviour Helen Woodruffe-Burton  2001
The Trajectories of UK-owned Operational Divisions in Brazil Sergio Rezende 2001
The Evolution of Resources in Inter-Firm Collaboration Helen Perks 2001
Towards an Expanded Understanding of Exchange in Marketing Damien McLoughlin 2001
Women and Addictive Consumption in the UK Sue Eccles 2000
Development of Manufacturer-Retailer Networks Stefanos Mouzas 1999
Strategic Response to Predicted Events: The Case of the Banning of CFCs Debbie Harrison 1998
Multi-Firm Temporary Networks: A Study of Process Donncha Kavanagh 1998