Marketing at Lancaster

Academically stretching degrees that prepare you for the changing demands of global business.

Originally, marketing was concerned with our basic need for food, clothing and shelter, and the use of expertise to deliver the right products, with the right packaging and promotion, to the right place at the right price and time.

In an internet-connected world the application of marketing principles to politics, culture and consumption has become far more sophisticated and creates new demands for relevant knowledge, skills and expertise. Helping you acquire these skills is at the heart of our degrees.

Working with some of Europe’s leading academics and managers in the field of consumer behaviour, marketing management, business strategy, and networks offers you the opportunity to develop your practical skills and conceptual capabilities and become a key player in the world of marketing, advertising, and online communications. The quality and flexibility of our marketing degrees gives you the chance to realise your intellectual and career ambitions.

Recognising the international nature of marketing in the 21st century, we offer our students the opportunity to study overseas, including Canada, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia. Many students take up work placements and internships overseas or in the UK.

We teach marketing as a stretching academic discipline, but also prepare you fully for the demands of the changing global economy. For example, you may be following the Marketing Management programme and spend your third year working in full-time, fully paid employment for companies such as British Airways, Kellogg’s, Reebok, IBM or Fujitsu. Our Marketing majors work in teams to conduct a market research consultancy project with a live client company to help it make marketing strategy decisions. 

Our Advertising and Marketing majors do final-year projects working with agencies based in London or Manchester, e.g. Saatchi and Saatchi, HoWoCo, Latitude, or with a major advertiser like BT.

Advertising and Marketing majors have the option to transfer to a BA in Advertising and Marketing Management in the second year, dependent on satisfactory performance in the first year. This option includes a year’s work placement with integrated reflective learning. This degree scheme is for students who wish to focus on advertising, communications, digital and branding aspects of marketing, but want to spend their third year working in an agency or a marketing organisation.

Please note that you cannot apply for BA in Advertising and Marketing Management directly prior to arriving at Lancaster: It is a transfer option once you arrive. If you would like further details, please contact one of the marketing admissions officers; Dr Ronika Chakrabarti or Dr Leighanne Higgins.

Whichever programme you select, the research-led teaching that informs the modules on your degree will provide practical and real-world examples and experiences for you to explore with your tutors. 

Our graduates have an excellent record of employment, and obtain challenging and fulfilling posts with blue chip organisations like IBM, familiar names from the high street like HSBC, ASDA, and M&S, major advertising and media agencies, as well as a host of other business, government, and charitable organisations. 

You’ll be coming into this area at a fascinating time. It’s a time that’s dominated by opportunities but with some really significant threats like climate change and economic turbulence. What none of us knows is how the future will look. Marketing will be trying to shape that future by reducing uncertainty, exploring and exploiting the opportunities that lie before us.