Marketing Research

This module introduces you to key concepts and techniques in marketing research and the analysis of marketing problems. 

Most of you will have been introduced to marketing research either through Part I Marketing or MKTG 222/227, and this module both revisits and develops the approaches and methods you were taught.

The main aim of the module is to prepare you for future roles as marketing, product, brand and advertising managers by being able to commission, manage, interpret and use marketing information. It will also prepare you for practical market or advertising research projects conducted in your final year (e.g. MKTG 310; 311; 312; 331).

The module covers both qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as how to run and manage research projects. For the quantitative part of the unit, you will be introduced to SPSS.

A key element is group work, which forms 20% of the overall course assessment. Students therefore need to be prepared and committed to working in groups of three-six throughout the year.  

Terms taught Michaelmas and Lent
Credits 16 ECTS credits
Prerequisites MKTG 101 or MKTG 227
Assessment 40% coursework and 60% exam