Working with industry

The Department of Marketing works closely with companies and advertising agencies on undergraduate and postgraduate student projects that help solve real marketing and advertising problems.

These projects are typically undertaken by groups of five or six students under the direction of an academic member of staff.

Students on the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management have completed several projects for Microsoft, ranging from local government and the public sector to projects for commercial clients.

In all the work for Microsoft, the students have looked at new projects, new innovations, new markets and new geographies.

Paul Hart, Public Safety and National Security Marketing, explains the benefits Microsoft has gained from working with LUMS:

“From a market perspective, we’ve had a lot of great insights from previous projects. For example the work on the Association of Chief Police officers: understanding that target market, and understanding the audience, actually gave us a lot of benefit in our ability to be able to get the right messages at the right time to the right people, to actually get the responses that we needed, and that was tremendously valuable.”

Andrew Hawkins, Worldwide Director for Public Safety Solutions, has worked with Lancaster marketing students for many years: “The MSc programme has provided us with the ability to work with leading students from around the world on live projects. Those live projects have provided us with new information and new knowledge which we can embed into our business plans, and which our partners can embed in their plans as well.”


Microsoft are excited by the potential of this radical new departure in marketing education, with its clear focus on marketing in practice. We are very happy to be part of the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management.

Andrew Hawkins, Microsoft