Areas of interest include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Who or what are the agencies of organized destruction (whether military, terrorist, political or other) and how are they enacted? What role do these agencies play within contemporary democracies?
  • How can we best understand the processes through which destruction is conceptualised and organized by such agencies?
  • What are the spaces of organized destruction and how are they produced?
  • What are the technologies of organized destruction and what is their role in the 21st century? What role do state actors play in facilitating or impeding such technological developments?   
  • What are the ethics of organized destruction and are they changing compared to those in the past?

In summary, the workshop will seek to engage with the issue of how organized destruction in the form of warfare and related forms of violent conflict can be better understood and theorised, and with the consequences such an understanding might have for organization studies as a whole.


Brian Bloomfield, Lancaster University Management School

Gibson Burrell, School of Management, University of Leicester

Theo Vurdubakis, Lancaster University Management School

Keynote Speaker: Sinisa Malesevic, UC Dublin; author of ‘The Sociology of War and Violence’ CUP 2010