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We warmly welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (PhD).

Please see the list below for a range of research topics that staff members of the Department of Leadership and Management are interested in supervising.

Knowledge Management, Learning Organizations, Organizational Learning, Knowledge Sharing, Innovation, Transactive Memory Systems

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Sociological and business-based approaches to gambling, entrepreneurship and enterprise education, organisation and management of healthcare services, business history.

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I am interested in taking on new PhD students who wish to research health, work and family from a qualitative, socio-cultural perspective. I seek applicants with research interests in maternal bodies; masculinities and work; parenthood and work-life balance, and 'glass ceilings'. Applicants must be self-motivated, well-organised and with a consistently excellent academic track record.

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Interested in PhD research that examines networked learning and the impact digital innovation and tools have had for open and participative approaches to critical management education and learning. Including the impact on academic and learner identity and the way we view knowledge and our position in the world. Also interested in proposals that seek to examine the importance of digital scholarship for learning designs in the 21st century!!

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Leadership as emotional labour Authentic leadership Leadership identities and identity work

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I welcome prospective PhD applications in the following areas: Leadership and Leader-follower relations; Emotions and subjectivity at workplace; Topics in organizational studies approached from a Psychoanalytic perspective; Topics approached through a narrative or storytelling methodology; Identity & gender studies; Topics exploring cultural, non-western and international perspectives;

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I am willing to supervise students in leadership in entrepreneurial contexts. I also am interested in gender, identity and learning.

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I am interested in supervising PhD students who wish to study gender and leadership, women's leadership, leadership learning, in particular from sociological and critical perspectives, including within the entrepreneurial context.

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Willing to supervise doctoral students interested in international management with a preference for interdisciplinary theoretical lens, leadership, organizational behaviours, and human resource management

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