Organisation, Work & Technology alumni profiles

Find out what our graduates thought of their time at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.




Joanne McCawley

MSc Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2008

Joanne now works as a HR Advisor for Pinsent Masons.

Salin Kulsiriswad

MSc Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2008

After graduating with her Masters, Salin joined Mitsui in Thailand as a Human Resources Officer.

Raoni Rajão

MRes Information Technology, Management & Organisational Change (ITMOC), 2007

After graduating from ITMOC, Raoni stayed on at LUMS to take a PhD. He is now a professor at a Brazilian university.

Omolara Adebiyi

MSc ITMOC, 2007

With a first degree in insurance, Omolara is now working for the Royal Mail in the UK.

Vidya Srinivasan

MSc ITMOC, 2007

Vidya came to ITMOC with two years' IT experience. She's now a management consultant working for Deloitte in India.

Ado Ali Birnin-Kudu

MSc ITMOC, 2007

After graduating, Ado returned to his previous employer, the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

Asta Ramonaite

BA Management and Organisation, 2007

After graduating, Asta began working for strategy consultancy DEGW in London.

Jalpa Maniar

MSc ITMOC, 2007

Jalpa now works for UK-based consultancy CRAC.

Dimitra Papachristou

MSc ITMOC, 2006

Dimitra joined KPMG in Greece after completing her degree at Lancaster.

Priscus Kiwango

MSc ITMOC, 2006

Priscus now works in the President's Office in the Government of Tanzania.

Dominic Duckett

MSc ITMOC, 2006

After graduating from ITMOC, Dominic started a PhD in Management Science at Lancaster.

Akshay Chavan

MSc ITMOC, 2006

After graduating Akshay worked for one of the UK's leading e-commerce solutions providers, but has since moved back to Mumbai.