Chu-Chun Yu

Country of origin: Taiwan

Specialist, Cathay United Bank

The location of Lancaster University was a priority when selecting my Master's degree. As I live in Taipei city, I do not have many opportunities to enjoy the country life. I really like the rural area of Lancaster with fresh air and fabulous views. As a result, students can concentrate on their studies, and the world ranking and the UK ranking is marvellous for academic learning. In addition, the lecturers and educational environment provide a lot of help for international students, such as the academic writing zone and the international students’ ‘writing essay’ lectures which are useful for non-native speakers.

The MSc in Human Resource and Knowledge Management is based on sociology and philosophy in order to encourage students to think independently, along with developing administrative skills. The lectures are connected with each other, with step by step guides for students to gain the knowledge from our courses. From these I have learnt some very useful theories relating to human resource and knowledge management. As I stopped working in the banking industry to complete my Master's degree, I believe I am gaining some serious work concepts, along with independent thinking and an analytical ability, which will aid my future career. Furthermore, our department provides an international environment where we all come from different nationalities, which results in the integration of many cultures. I really liked my classmates as everyone was friendly and funny.

Furthermore, the facilities on the campus are constructed in a modern style, for example the sports centre, library, and common rooms, and even the accommodation. It provides a handy experience to live on campus. I am grateful that I chose Lancaster University for my Master's degrees; it has opened up new horizons for me.