Jiakang Hong

Country of origin: China

The BA Management and Organisation programme is now called BSc Management and Organisational Behaviour.

LUMS is a leading Management School in the UK which, with my keen interest in business, I was attracted to. I believed I would truly gain a high-quality education and meet a lot of elites.

BA Management and Organisation is a challenging programme that requires an element of critical thinking. I was fascinated by the interesting debates, deep analysis, challenges within the different modules and especially the analysis of applying theoretical perspectives in the real world. Whilst studying, the communication with my lecturers and study advisor was a great experience. I learnt a lot from the conversations and debates that I had with them.

I thoroughly enjoyed life at Lancaster University. It consists of nice clubs in all of the colleges, the sports centre and many other facilities available to the students. The thing I enjoyed most about the campus was being able to have a drink with my friends after tiring day of studying. It was great to socialise with my friends at the bars on campus.

Lancaster has given me passion and confidence for the future. I love all the people that I have met and all the places I have visited whilst in Lancaster. I gave up the opportunity to study a Master’s degree as I believe that I have learnt all that I need during my undergraduate study at Lancaster University. I find everything that I was taught at Lancaster can be applied in the real world today.

I plan to start my own business in China within 3-5 years of graduating. I also hope to go to America for the MBA programme, to help gain career and knowledge promotion. I feel the critical thinking and flexible organisation skills that I gained during my time at Lancaster will allow me to view the world and my future with the new aspects.