Jonathan O’Reilly

Country of origin: United Kingdom

BSc Management & Information Technology

I am currently completing a year in industry with Xerox, a Fortune-500 company, at its UK and European headquarters in London.

My role in Service Excellence is constantly evolving based around my own knowledge and skills, so it is vital that I continually push myself. I am responsible for providing technology and techniques that support the Global Document Outsourcing department and help it to meet its Service Level Agreement targets, all the while providing excellent customer service.

Another aspect of my role involves using a modified ITIL framework – the Global Service Delivery Model, collect and collate global account processes and store them online via a SharePoint site which I have developed. The main purpose of the site is to ensure that there is a single, up-to-date repository for all key data relating to the account which can be accessed and used as a procedures manual  or presented to clients to show how Xerox run an account, and potentially win new business. I am currently in the process of rolling this out to Philips, Royal Bank of Scotland and Nokia, working alongside Global Service Delivery Managers and Global Account Managers.     

My role also includes developing a contract lifecycle application that supports service delivery by providing a snap shot of a contract or an accounts performance over a specified time. I am responsible for developing new features, fixing bugs using ASP.NET and Visual Basic, creating dynamic reports using SQL and providing support to its users. My learning hasn’t stopped on placement and I have achieved additional industry recognised qualifications in Lean Six Sigma and ITIL.

The MIT degree at Lancaster has given me the opportunities to develop a mix of skills employers really value. The course is very challenging but definitely worth the hard work. The course is flexible and allows you gain experience in areas that you have an interest in, because of this I have been able to excel at my current role due to the mix of technical, financial, business and management modules I have completed.

I am looking forward to returning to Lancaster to complete my degree. Many challenges lie ahead but having the right motivation and attitude towards the degree will ensure I come out with a degree to be proud of. This, alongside my year in industry, will put me in a great position for the future.