Doctorate of Management

Academically rigorous and practically relevant

This practice-oriented doctoral programme is an exciting new opportunity for senior managers to develop a more sophisticated understanding of their own practice and their own organisation.

Lancaster's Doctor of Management aims to combine rigour and relevance to deliver a programme that is academically challenging, but also practically relevant to the concerns of senior organisational practitioners.  

The design and pedagogy is based on a long tradition of learning through reflective practice developed at Lancaster, and refined over the past 20 years through programmes such as the International Masters Program for Managers.

The programme is structured around your concerns and issues within your organisation. In other words, it is rooted in the daily reality of the flow of management practice in all its complexity and subtlety.  

The programme is for senior managers who are already very experienced, but who desire to develop in-depth knowledge of their own practice and the organisations that they manage — not in general, but specific to their ongoing concerns. The programme will be demanding and will require the support of your organisation. However, the rewards will be significant, both in personal growth and in value added to your organisation.