A community of learners

The pedagogy of the Doctor of Management programme is based on the principle that students learn by reflecting on their own practical experience – what Donald Schön refers to as 'reflective practitioners'

On the programme, students and academic supervisors constitute an active learning community and will meet face-to-face and virtually on a regular basis. 

While students (as senior managers) have extensive management and organisational experience, supervisors have extensive experience of research practice. In their meetings, these two groups share their specific knowledge and learn from each other by sharing and reflecting on their experiences.

The sharing and learning practices used in the learning community are based on practices developed in the IMP, which has been running successfully for 20 years. Specific practices include the following:

  • Keeping and sharing reflection diaries
  • Sharing practice through round-table discussions
  • Reflecting on relevant issues for research practice
  • Co-coaching each other

The learning community will be focused on students' research projects, which is rooted in the their organisational contexts.  The principle is to use the students' and supervisors' everyday experience and work, rather than making additional work.  It is not just about doing relevant research: It is about learning from, and about, research by doing it as part of a learning community. 

Through the organisational research projects, supervisors and students will develop their research practice together to produce research that is both academically rigorous and practically relevant. These organisational research projects culminate in a doctoral thesis.