Year 1

Introduction to Researching Management Practice

The First Residential – Locating a field of study (5th–9th February 2018)

In this five-day residential visit, you will be introduced to a broad range of theoretical perspectives and thematic approaches within the management field. It will be done through workshops and seminars. 

The supervisors will outline some of the significant debates, competing theories, and main authors in their particular fields of research. You will present your organisation as a case study to the supervisors and other students, outlining your role in the organisation and the key issues that you are facing, as well as what you are interested in researching. Through this sharing, you will identify overlaps in interests and form supervisor/student pairs.  

The Second Residential – Learning about methods (2nd  – 6th July 2018)

In this five-day visit, you will be introduced to the research methods and approaches which the academics use in their own research practice, as well as some of the alternatives available. This will be done through a variety of workshops and seminars. 

The supervisors will also outline some of the issues relating to their research practice — in terms of methodology — and how they have dealt with these in the past. You will present a preliminary research proposal indicating what you want to research, what methods you want to use, and how you might actually carry out the research.  

The writing retreat (15th – 19th October 2018)

Each year will be completed by a significant piece of writing. The writing project for the first year will be a literature review of a chosen field of study, with a relevant discussion of research methods, as well as a preliminary plan for the first research project (20,000 words). Success in the writing project is a condition for progressing to the next year of the course. The writing will be evaluated by a panel of supervisors, supported by an external. 

Review Panel will take place on 10th December 2018.