Year 2

Researching Management and Organisational Practice

The First Residential – Setting up the first research project

In this five-day residential visit, academic staff will discuss a typical research project, as well as explaining how research papers are typically structured and presented for publication.

You will then develop a plan for the first research project, together with your supervisor. The emphasis will be on the fieldwork to be carried out before the next residential visit, setting up the project, the data collection methods that will be used, and research ethics. Practical issues such as organising and coding data will also be considered. 

The Second Residential – Developing the analysis

You will arrive at the second five-day residential visit with a set of data collected according to your research plan. The emphasis of this residential will be on sharing and practising data analysis and looking at different ways the data and analysis might be presented. Any further data collection that might be required will also be identified.  

The writing retreat

The writing retreat of year two will be focused on developing the first draft of a research paper (15,000 words). Success in developing the first research paper is a condition for progressing to the third year. The panel reviewing the work will not only judge the work, but also help the student to reflect and learn from the first research project, in order to help shape and execute the second.