Year 5

Doctor of Management Thesis

This will be the thesis write-up year and entails bringing together the various elements of the thesis (literature review, research methods and three research papers) together into a coherent whole, with a discussion and conclusions. 

Since you will now be much more accomplished, you may want to review or revise some of the work you produced in earlier years. You will examine the implications your findings have for the way in which your organisation works.

Although the three papers will typically be interrelated and focused on the same topic area, they will all need to be sufficiently distinct in order to constitute different contributions in their own right.

The final dissertation will consist of a document that will contain:

  • An introduction situating the research
  • A discussion of the research methodology and approach used
  • The three distinct research papers
  • A concluding discussion with implications for practice. The length will typically be 70,000 to 80,000 words