Alexandra Sternfeld Casasnovas

Country of origin: Germany

Delivery Consultant, Spencer-Ogden

The first reason why I chose to study at Lancaster was the position that Lancaster University Management School holds in the ranking. Lancaster is a university of high reputation, and if you succeed within your degree most doors will be opened to you. But more importantly I just fell in love with the University and the friendly and culturally diverse atmosphere. I immediately felt like I belonged here, which was in the end the key reason why I came to study at LUMS.

I liked the fact that the BA Management and Organisation (Human Resource Management) programme was not about memorising management theories but challenged you to think and critically analyse theories instead of merely accepting and implementing them.

I love how my course is influenced by psychology, sociology and philosophy as management is not only about theories, but about people – and if we do not understand people how are we supposed to understand management? The department team and also staff in general in LUMS are really welcoming and I always felt like I had someone to go to if I needed help or just wanted a little chat.

At LUMS there is an endless list of things you can do to get involved and I took full advantage of this. I was an Ambassador, got sponsored to go to China, was able to influence my course by being a course rep, etc. It has made my experience at University more rewarding and I feel that I did not merely go to university but was able to leave my mark.

I would summarise my experience as full of fun and challenges. Throughout my three years I had a great time, and even though it was challenging it was worth all the time spent in the library! I wish I could turn back time and start the first year all over again, as these last three years have gone too fast!

I was accepted on to a Masters in Managerial Psychology at Manchester University, as Lancaster unfortunately does not offer a similar degree. Due to my expected 2.1 and Lancaster's reputation, the world is open for me to explore and to do what I want.