Hannah Allison

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Business Partnerships and Enterprise team, Lancaster University Faculty of Science and Technology

LUMS immediately stood out to me when looking at courses. I liked the multi-disciplinary element which allowed me to specialise in an area, but not rule other subjects out. When I first visited Lancaster University, I felt at home. The nature of the collegiate system meant that in first year, you felt a real sense of community, which then grew also into a community within LUMS and especially within my small department and degree course.

The BA Management and Organisation degree is tailored to each individual - out of all my course mates, no-one did the exact same modules. This was something I found extremely useful as you could both pick modules which you were interested in, and pick modules which suited your learning style.  Additionally, the option to complete a placement year as part of my degree was a fantastic opportunity, and one that I am very glad that I embraced.

Whilst a student, I was involved in a variety of societies on campus, two of which I was on the executive board. This gave me a chance to put what I had learnt into practice by leading teams and projects. Being in societies definitely formed some of my favourite memories during my degree, with the absolute highlight of my university experience being my society winning LUSU Society of the Year 2014.

I chose to complete a placement which was very different to the majority of other students. I worked in a charity on a leadership and management internship, where my focus was on Staff Development. Throughout the year, I worked on a number of projects including organising staff conferences, welfare, training and recruitment. I developed and gained a whole range of skills which were vital in gaining a successful graduate job.

My placement year also dramatically impacted my studies. I became a lot more disciplined in my final year, studying 9-5 most days which allowed me to set some boundaries between work and home life, reducing the feeling of always needing to study. Being someone who struggled with academic life, the course content made a lot more sense, as it could be related to my placement experiences. This all meant that my grade average increased by a whole grade between 2nd and 4th year.

My time at LUMS is something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a lot of hard work, coupled with so many fun times.

As I was not sure what area I wanted to specialise in for my placement year, the LUMS Careers Team supported me through decisions, talking to me about my aspirations and checking my CV.

I loved living in Lancaster so much that I decided to stay and get a job at Lancaster University working in the Business Partnerships and Enterprise team within the Faculty of Science and Technology. This job uses a whole range of skills used learnt within my degree (and especially my placement year), both from modules directly related to my degree, and those chosen as minors such as Project Event Management.