Laura Hyatt

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Graduate Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

One of the features of the MIT degree that I really valued is the one-year industrial placement with a top employer. I spent my third-year industry placement, working for Fujitsu's Desktop Management Services, where I was Service Delivery Manager on the Home Office Account.

I was charge of managing the escalations of the estate. Every time there was a serious incident it became an 'escalation'. It was my job to assign these to the relevant engineers, makes sure they fixed the incident, liaise with the customer – and do all this before the SLA deadline. This was very important since the Home Office IT systems powers prisons, airport security and immigration, and incidents need to be fixed fast!

I was also assigned projects to lead. The account was starting to build and provide new laptops for the customer (Home Office staff). I was in charge of arranging the resources to do the builds, plan who will take their laptop back to which location and when to get the build done and make sure the kit is in the right place when required.

The MIT degree at Lancaster is really challenging and it requires a lot of outside work. It’s never just timetabled hours. The degree has a varied range of courses, which is good for providing a wide scope of skills.

While the majority of modules have a management focus, there are several that are technical in orientation. One of these modules is entitled Software Project Management, which was useful for my laptop deployment project with Fujitsu.

MIT is a very important degree, as the IT industry is moving away from a purely technical capacity, and the need for managers with good technical knowledge is apparent. My placement with Fujitsu was a management role but in a technical company working in the IT department for government. Thus we managers need to have a good understanding of IT because otherwise we won't understand the problems. I also hope that a joint management/IT degree like MIT will help bring more women into technology, as it is a fact that IT is dominated by men.

Laura joined JP Morgan Chase as a Graduate Analyst after graduating from Lancaster.