Organisation, Work & Technology modules

The tables below list all the Part I and II modules in the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology. Follow the links for further details about each module.

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Part I

OWT 100 Management and Organisations 4
OWT 101 Perspective on Organisation, Work & Technology 4

Part II

OWT 221 Understanding the Individual in the Workplace 5
OWT 222 Social and Organisational Psychology 5
OWT 223 Human Resource Management 5
OWT 224 Human Resource Management II 5
OWT 227 Analysing Organisations 5
OWT 226 Management and Information Technology 5
OWT 228 The Changing Role and Context of Management 5
OWT 229 Business Ethics: Contemporary issues in management 5
OWT 230 Management, Sustainability and the Natural Environment 5
OWT 320 Organisation Studies and the Management of Changes: Key Approaches 6
OWT 321 Organisation Studies and the Management of Changes: Contemporary Theory and Key Practical Issues 6
OWT 322 Managing Human Resources 6
OWT 323 Comparative and International HRM 6
OWT 324 Management and Organisation: Key approaches 6
OWT 325 Management and Organisation: Contemporary approaches and controversies  
OWT 326 Organising in the Digital Age: Power, technology & identity 6
OWT 327 Technology and Organisation: Society and risk 6
OWT 328 Work and Employment Relations 6

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