Human Resource Management I: Cultures of Employability and Performativity in the Twenty-first Century

The module introduces and analyses Human Resource Management as a complex cultural phenomenon.  

Participants should develop an ability to understand in some depth the origins of HRM, its constitutive cultural elements, and the underlying cultural logic of HRM practices.

HRM is a complex domain in which we can find reflected conceptions of work, life and self in the 21st Century. The course will thus investigate the relationships between the multiple (and often contradictory) discourses and techniques which make up HRM. 

OWT 223 examines aspects of recruitment and selection, of performativity, performance management and self-actualisation as key expressions of how work is culturally organised in contemporary organisations.

Terms taught Michaelmas
Credits 8 ECTS credits
Prerequisites OWT 100/101 or MNGT 110/MNGT 120
Assessment 50% coursework and 50% exam