Why Management and Organisational Behaviour?

These degrees, run by the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology, aim to provide an understanding of the way organisations are structured and the ways they function. They investigate how organisational decisions and actions determine much of the quality of life in contemporary societies, and utilise a variety of relevant approaches such as psychology, philosophy, history and sociology.

What will it mean to join the Department of Organisation Work and Technology as an undergraduate student?

Three years – or four if you opt to take an industrial placement in your third year – of stimulating and challenging study alongside a group of internationally renowned teachers, writers and researchers who will share with you ways to understand the often strange and contradictory world of management within contemporary organisations.

Will undertaking a degree in the Department show me how to be a manager?

A degree in this department will seek to do something just as valuable – it will equip you with a multidisciplinary conceptual toolkit designed to help make sense of contemporary organisation. Rather than attempting to show you how to be a human resource manager, we challenge you to consider other questions, e.g. what are the theories and practices that make up human resource management?

Is this just another name for a business studies degree?

LUMS provides an excellent BSc in Business Studies but our focus is somewhat different. As a multidisciplinary department (you will be expected to engage with work from across the social sciences and the humanities) we work within an integrative framework which recognises the interdependence of people, tasks, technology, organisations, cultures and society. The range of interests and topics is much wider than businesses or corporations.

What kinds of careers and jobs do graduates go on to do? 

Many and varied – graduates go into a wide array of jobs and careers, from mainstream human resource management and graduate management positions in both public and private corporations to management consultants, media and marketing managers. Others become more entrepreneurial and free-spirited, setting up businesses on their own, both at home and abroad.

Another aspect of career development which we take very seriously is the development of the next generation of academics and researchers. To this end, the department has a very strong and diverse group of PhD students, many of whom began as undergraduates within the department.

Can I undertake work experience? 

Yes, but it is not compulsory. We offer a four-year degree option where you spend the third year on an industrial placement in a major organisation (recruitment is competitive) before returning to complete your studies in the fourth year.