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What and when to disclose 05/06/15

What and when to disclose

Accounting and finance lecturers Dr Wendy Beekes, Dr Qiyu Zhang and colleagues discuss their study on corporate governance and transparency in different countries.

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Branding and 'celebrity chavs' 05/06/15

Branding and 'celebrity chavs'

Marketing lecturer Dr Hayley Cocker discusses, in PR Week, how the media can influence a celebrity's image and how this can be used by PR managers. 

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The productivity puzzle 27/05/15

The productivity puzzle

Professor Geriant Johnes was interviewed on Share Radio recently, discussing the UK's poor productivity, and what it really means for the economy.

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Taking time out for leadership 18/05/15

Taking time out for leadership

It is important for owner/managers to examine the way they lead, explains Dr Steve Kempster on WORKlab website.

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Accrual accounting and tax: can it stabilise tax revenues? 15/05/15

Accrual accounting and tax: can it stabilise tax revenues?

Accounting and finance Professor Igor Goncharov and the Otto Beisheim School of Management's Professor Martin Jacob discuss how a change in the UK corporate tax system could have a positive effect on the wider economy in an article in Finance Monthly. 

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Leadership and owner-managers 05/05/15

Leadership and owner-managers

Leadership expert Steve Kempster explores how leadership training can be beneficial for business owners in an article on Small Business website 

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