Accounting, Finance, Governance & Banking

Research in Accounting and Finance covers the two core disciplines of accounting and finance and two interdisciplinary areas, corporate governance and banking, which were developed more recently.

LUMS has a long-established reputation for its research in financial reporting and related policy issues. Two inter-related areas of continued strength are capital-markets-based accounting research and quality of accounting information. Accounting research is supported by the independently funded International Centre for Research in Accounting. Emerging areas of research include: accounting and bank regulation and disclosure and narrative reporting. Finance is broadly focused on two major areas: financial econometrics and market pricing, and corporate finance and investment theory. A common feature is an emphasis on measuring and understanding risk.

LUMS is also developing an international reputation for its work on various aspects of corporate governance. Research areas include CEO pay and governance arrangements, executive contract design and corporate pay-out policy and internal control weaknesses. New emerging areas include financial economics of banking. Some thematic themes of the group include the following:

  • Financial reporting and related policy issues
  • Capital-markets-based accounting research and quality of accounting information 
  • Accounting and bank regulation and disclosure and narrative reporting
  • Financial econometrics and market pricing
  • Corporate finance and investment theory
  • Governance 
  • Financial economics of banking