Management & Society

LUMS is known internationally for going beyond the mainstream managerial agenda with its world-leading critical work.

Indeed, Lancaster has a long history and reputation for critical management studies (for example, the work of Reynolds, Blackler, Burrell, Morgan and Cooper is indicative of this tradition). Such critical work beyond the mainstream is central in offering LUMS researchers – and students – a broader intellectual canvas that questions our research agendas critically.

It also creates opportunities for wider, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration with social science and humanities researchers. In pursuit of this critical agenda, researchers from LUMS are collaborating with colleagues across the campus in Sociology, Politics, Philosophy and Religion, the Lancaster Environment Centre and Health and Medicine, to name but a few.

The interdisciplinary research of the Management and Society scholars at LUMS makes contributions in a wide range of disciplines including sociology, philosophy, geography, archaeology, environmental science, ethics and health. Indicative of this contribution is the large number of leading publications, beyond the traditional business and management journals, which our researchers have contributed to. 

Some of the key themes pursued include:

  • Critical perspective on traditional HRM 
  • Ethics, governance and corporate social responsibility
  • Management and organisational history
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Consumption and consumer behaviour