Networks, Knowledge & Strategy

There are a steadily growing number of researchers in LUMS who have developed novel transdisciplinary perspectives on business relationships, supply chains, market practices and social networks which are theoretically informed by the network approach.

This is an innovative transdisciplinary group of 23 researchers from six departments. It is one of the largest and most vital groups of organisational network researchers in Europe. The group also has strong international links with the IMP (an active research community of 300 network scholars). The group has made significant contributions to a variety of areas, such as industrial marketing, organisational knowledge development and strategy.

Particular strengths are research into inter-organisational knowledge transfer and theoretically-informed work on organisational change and dynamic capabilities. This research is some of the most highly-cited work in the leading journals in the field. Strategy is an emerging focus. The ‘strategy as practice’ approach emerged in collaboration with researchers from Lancaster and is still a dominant approach in the School.

Some themes of the group include:

  • Organisational knowledge development
  • Organisational change and dynamic capabilities
  • Business relationships and market practices
  • Organisational strategy, especially, strategy as practice