Operational Research & Operations Management

LUMS has an internationally-leading group of researchers in operational research and operations management.

The group gained EPSRC funding for the STOR-i DTC (joint with Lancaster Statistics colleagues) and directs NATCOR, the EPSRC-funded national taught course centre for OR doctoral students. It also led the £13m, EPSRC-funded LANCS initiative, which ended in May 2014, working with colleagues in Nottingham, Cardiff and Southampton.

These funding initiatives have led to a strong and vibrant PhD programme and research culture. The operational research group makes world-leading contributions to the mathematical foundations of optimisation, forecasting and data mining, simulation methods and stochastic processes. The operations management group is focused on a number of distinct areas, such as the implementation and commercialisation of workload control in make-to-order manufacturing; organisational failure and safety culture in managing operational risk; and logistics and supply chain research, particularly in airport planning and the movement of hazardous materials. 

Areas of specialisation include: