Dr Sandra Awanis


Research Interests

  • International marketing ethics
  • Cross-cultural consumer behaviour
  • Consumer finance
  • Global public policy
  • Methodological issues in cross-country analysis

Selected Publications Show all 17 publications

Consumer susceptibility to credit card misuse and indebtedness
Awanis, S., Cui, C.C. 2014 In: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. 26, 3, p. 408-429. 22 p.
Journal article

The effects of consumer expectations on credit card overuse
Awanis, S., Schlegelmilch, B.B. 23/06/2014
Conference paper

Susceptibility to credit card effects and revolving credit card holders: a multi-country evaluation on British, Singaporean and Malaysian youth markets
Awanis, S., Cui, C. 17/07/2013
Conference paper

Consumer susceptibility to credit card effect: a new concept and measurement scale
Awanis, S., Cui, C. 2013
Conference paper

A structural equation modelling of credit card debt among the youth market
Awanis, S. 27/08/2012
Conference paper

Dynamic view of consumer vulnerability: a contextual analysis of credit card debt among the youth market
Awanis, S., Cui, C. 2012
Conference paper

An ethical appraisal of credit card marketing strategy: measure and antecedent explorations of consumer vulnerability to credit-card debt
Awanis, S., Cui, C. 2011
Conference paper

Pre-purchase reference points and post-purchase values derived: a study of Indonesian and Singaporean consumers
Cui, C., Awanis, S. 2009
Conference paper