We welcome enquiries from suitably qualified applicants who are interested in pursuing research within the Centre's areas of academic specialisation. Prospective students should have a good first degree or a Masters level qualification - preferably, though not exclusively, in management, philosophy or the social sciences. We also encourage applications from people who have some industrial experience.

PhD students supervised by a member of the Centre will be enrolled on the programme within the Management School. This programme allows PhD students to take advantage of the School's research strengths and also to develop general research skills. In the first year of study students undertake several courses on the philosophy of science and research methods.

Doctoral research conducted within the Centre is likely to be concerned with the development and use of technologies within organisations and society. While there is a strong emphasis on information and communications technology (ICT) within the Centre, research is not limited to this area of technology.

Research may be focused on the development of theoretical insights surrounding the use of technology in organisations. Alternatively, it may be based on a theoretically informed empirical study of the development or use of technology within specific contexts. Some areas of potential study are listed below.


  • Technology and social theory 
  • Technology and philosophy 
  • Research methodology and IT 
  • Time/space and ICT 
  • Technology and the future

Organisational themes

  • Knowledge working
  • Empowerment and control
  • Mobile working
  • Collaborative working
  • Surveillance and control

Studies of the development and use of specific technologies

  • ICTs in developing countries
  • ICT & international development
  • ICT and public-sector transformation
  • Ethical issues of ICT
  • Inter-organisational systems 
  • Health information systems 
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Collaborative systems (e.g. groupware)