Postgraduate alumni profiles

Our Masters graduates work all for top companies all over the world. Find out what our graduates think of their time at LUMS and how it has helped them kickstart their careers.






Sarah Blakemore

MSc Management, 2013

Sarah is now working as an Engineer Technologist for Bayswater Exploration & Production.

Visarut Nopsanti

MSc ITMOC, 2013

Visarut gained a job as a management consultant with Accenture in Thailand after graduating from the MSc ITMOC.

Shirley Lau

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2013

Shirley uses her new-found technical knowledge in her role as a Graduate Econometrician at MediaCom.

Lalisa Trakulpatomtiti

MSc Management Science & Marketing Analytics, 2013

Before coming to LUMS, Lalisa had already worked in data mining. She is now using her skills as an analyst with Symphony EYC.

Zhaoxian Huang

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2013

Zhaoxian applies his skills in quantitative analysis daily for his job in risk management.

Pintip Chunnapiya

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2013

For her summer consultancy project Pintip worked with a UK ERP solution provider. She is now a systems analyst with Tri Petch IT Solutions in Thailand.

Xingzhi Yao

MSc Money, Banking & Finance, 2013

After her Masters, Xingzhi decided to stay on at LUMS to study for a PhD in Economics.

Jiangfan Jing

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2013

Jiangfan now works for Oriental Research Capital in Beijing.

Yang Ge

MSc Management Science & Marketing Analytics, 2013

After completing her Masters, Yang began working as a strategic analyst for Barclaycard in London.

Himanish Praharaj

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2013

Himanish is now working for Ernst & Young as an Operations Research Consultant.

James Vaughan

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2013

James now works in the public sector as a business technology analyst for a county council.

Vivian Segovia Barros

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2013

Vivian works now as a Lecturer at Universidad Arturo Prat in Chile.