Postgraduate alumni profiles

Our Masters graduates work all for top companies all over the world. Find out what our graduates think of their time at LUMS and how it has helped them kickstart their careers.






Yuantao Peng

MSc Project Management, 2012

Yuantao currently works as a Senior Project Manager at China Aviation Asset Management. He completed a Study Abroad term at Bocconi University in Italy.

Jack Ward

MSc Management, 2012

Jack now works at global communications agency Gyro as a Creative Strategy Planner.

Christina Petromelidou

MSc Management, 2012

Christina joined the international airline SWISS as a graduate trainee after her Masters at LUMS.

Irada Alieva

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

After completing her MSc, Irada joined Diageo's Moscow office as a trade marketing executive.

Margareta Lind

MSc Management, 2011

Upon completion of her degree Margareta was offered an internship with GE Healthcare.

Kaspar Korjus

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2011

After completing his degree, Kaspar started working for Estonian Telecom.

Anatoli Monastirski

MSc Money, Banking & Finance, 2011

Anatoli's studies proved indispensable in getting a job with KPMG.

Patrick Bonfils

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2011

Patrick took advantage of the School's links with China and did a three-month internship in Beijing, developing a digital marketing strategy, as part of his MSc.

Ulrike Burger

MA Human Resources & Consulting, 2011

After graduating, Ulrike joined a microfinance consultancy, LFS Financial Systems, as a senior HR consultant.

Sanal Varghese

MSc ITMOC, 2011

Sanal managed to secure a job at Accenture whilst he was still studying for his MSc.

Napat (Noon) Makduangkaew

MA Human Resources & Consulting, 2011

Noon has set up her own coaching and consulting business in the UK.

Laura Stanford

MA Human Resources & Consulting, 2011

Laura now works as a consultant for Deloitte in Canada.