Postgraduate alumni profiles

Our Masters graduates work all for top companies all over the world. Find out what our graduates think of their time at LUMS and how it has helped them kickstart their careers.






Justine Lacaille

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2011

Following her Lancaster degree, Justine took a 'Masters Study Abroad' scheme in Taiwan and now works in marketing for L'Artisan Parfumeur.

James Edwards

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2011

After his MSc, James continued his studies at Lancaster on the STOR-i doctoral programme

Xinxin Liang

MSc Money, Banking & Finance, 2011

Xinxin went on to become a Project Manager at Credit Financing Guarantee Group Co. in Shenzhen, which focuses on helping small and medium firms with their financing solutions.

Ilaria Zambetti

MSc Management and Marketing, 2011

Ilaria now works for the luxury Italian fashion company, Gucci.

Rachel Steele

MSc Management, 2011

Rachel now works as a Sporting Events Officer at The Christie charity in Manchester.

Haakon Holth-Larsen

MSc Money, Banking & Finance, 2011

Haakon gained a place on a two-year graduate programme with Nordea Bank after completing his Masters.

Olga Lukashuk

MA Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2011

Olga started work as HR Customer Service Representative at Cargill, after graduating.

Carolin Röther

MSc Management, 2010

Carolin secured an international management job with Nissan several months before graduating with her MSc.

Daniel Lindblad

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2010

Daniel did his summer project for the German cosmetics firm Beiersdorf AG, and after the MSc he joined the company to work in quality management.

Alexander Dittrich

MA Human Resource & Knowledge Management, 2010

Alexander joined an international graduate scheme with Carl Zeiss Meditect AG in Germany after completing his MA. He now works in HR for Volkswagen Argentina.

Waqar Ahmed

MSc Finance, 2010

After a year as a lecturer, Waqar started studying for a PhD in Finance at Warwick Business School.

Anne-Lise Johnsen

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2010

Anne-Lise's MSc dissertation focused on football clubs' marketing to female fans, and she now works as a marketing executive for Arsenal FC in London.