Postgraduate alumni profiles

Our Masters graduates work all for top companies all over the world. Find out what our graduates think of their time at LUMS and how it has helped them kickstart their careers.






Stavros Violaris

MSc Finance, 2007

Stavros now works in wealth and asset management for EY in London.

Robert Neilson

MSc Finance, 2007

Robert joined BT after graduating and now works for Ernst & Young.

Thomas Metzger

MSc Finance, 2007

Thomas joined Macquarie Capital Funds in London on completing his MSc in Finance.

Thierry Keuscher

MA Human Resources & Consulting, 2007

After his economics degree in Germany, Thierry wanted to specialise further with an MA at LUMS. He is now assistant to a board member of Jenoptik AG.

Ado Ali Birnin-Kudu

MSc ITMOC, 2007

After graduating, Ado returned to his previous employer, the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

Marie-Astrid Goes

MSc Management, 2007

Marie-Astrid was recruited to the Leadership Development Programme with American chemicals company Cytec after completing her MSc.

Jalpa Maniar

MSc ITMOC, 2007

Jalpa now works for UK-based consultancy CRAC.

Linéa Fredäng

MSc Management, 2007

Trained in engineering, Linéa joined Rolls Royce after graduating from LUMS, then moved to Norway to work for StS Group.

Jin Shi

MSc Operational Research, 2007

Jin is now working as a financial trader for Shanghai RUFU Investment Management.

Anastasia Elisenkova

MSc Finance, 2007

Anastasia now works for Alfa Bank.

Amit Gupta

MSc ITMOC, 2007

In 2013, Amit started his own IT business and is now currently working on an online advertisement and directory platform.

Dimitra Papachristou

MSc ITMOC, 2006

Dimitra joined KPMG in Greece after completing her degree at Lancaster.