Postgraduate alumni profiles

Our Masters graduates work all for top companies all over the world. Find out what our graduates think of their time at LUMS and how it has helped them kickstart their careers.






Pierre-Olivier Billard

MSc Finance, 2005

Pierre-Olivier has had a very successful career in the Financial Services and Investment Management Industries. Since 2008 he has been working for Fonds de réserve pour les Retraites (FRR) in Paris, and is now the Head of the Asset Allocation Department there.

Saumya Vardhan

MSc Operational Research & Management Science, 2004

After graduating, Saumya worked as a consultant in London for a few years before returning to India to start her own aviation consulting company. She now works for Ernst & Young in the USA.

Khemmaporne Lekdee

MSc Management, 2004

After Khemmaporne completed her PhD in Economics, she went on to become an Economist at WealthInsight in London.

Vikram Bhalla

MSc Management, 2003

After the MSc Vikram worked for two start-ups before joining his family business in Delhi.

Sarah Wells

MSc Operational Research & Management Science, 2001

Sarah now works for Loyalty Management UK, which runs the customer loyalty schemes for many major retailers and service providers.

Tayyab Aslam

MSc Operational Research & Management Science, 2000

Following a successful summer project for Lloyds TSB, Tayyab spent two years on their graduate trainee programme. He is now a planning manager with the company.

Kenneth Ip

MSc Operational Research & Management Science, 2000

Now employed by UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Kenneth's current role involves analysis to support management decisions and company strategy.