Lalisa Trakulpatomtiti

Country of origin: Thailand

Analyst, Symphony EYC

There were two main reasons why I decided to take the MSc Management Science and Marketing Analytics at LUMS. Firstly, I was interested in analytics, especially in the marketing field. I felt the course structure matched my expectations, with it focusing mainly on several analytic techniques for marketing. That was different from other universities whose courses were about general business analytics.

The second reason was Lancaster’s reputation. LUMS is a top management school in the UK and is also recognised by many famous companies worldwide, making me satisfied as to the University’s standard.

I enjoyed every module that I studied, and thought they were all very useful to me. I also liked the teaching methods. Most of the modules focused more on workshops than lectures; this was good as it allowed students to practise on business cases which helped to understand the lessons better.

My dissertation was based on a client project, where I worked with one of the top research agencies in the UK. Whilst there I helped analyse consumer behaviour data for their clients. This was a great opportunity to apply everything I had learnt to real business problems. It also helped me improve my consultancy skills – managing project timelines, co-operating with several people and solving unexpected problems. I found everything I gained from this client project absolutely vital to my future career.

My year at Lancaster was a valuable experience. I enjoyed exchanging ideas with my classmates and appreciated all the support from staff and lecturers. I believe that everything I have gained from this course will help me in the future.

I love the fact that Lancaster is an international community, and I had lots of fun with my international friends. I also found the atmosphere at Lancaster good for studying, being peaceful but not boring because of the array of activities available on campus. I loved every day of my life at Lancaster.

Now I work as an Analyst at Symphony EYC Thailand. My role is halfway between analyst and consultant; I analyse my clients’ data to help them gain insights and to make recommendations on my findings. The skills and knowledge I have gained during my time at Lancaster has directly helped me obtain this role.