Developing Tools for the Planning Department at A G Barr

Client: A G Barr
Student: Matthew Archbold
Supervisor: Professor Ruud Teunter (MSc OR Project)

Company info

AGBarr is an independent, consumer led and profitable public company, engaged in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of branded carbonated soft drinks.


A new database was developed and immediately implemented for materials and stock control, replacing an existing spreadsheet system. The three developed database tools were developed using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic and vary in their functionality and application. The first provides input for the company’s half year report, in which the past six months are evaluated and performance is predicted for the coming six months. The second tool produces reports on the stock levels for all products produced within AG Barr, improving visibility of where potential problems may occur. Thirdly, the Group report tool produces reports on stocks, sales and forecasts summarised by planning groups, as defined by the planning department. Advantages of these database-tools compared to the previous system include the following.

  • The new tools allow, with just a few clicks, frequent up to date assessment of product stock levels. The previous tools required users to manually scroll through more than a hundred pages of data.
  • Repetition of data regarding the product demographics is no longer needed. Results are produced much faster.

The new workbooks may also be protected so that the user cannot edit any information imported. Therefore, provided the information imported is accurate and up to date.