Collaborative approach

The collaborative approach which marks LUMS out from other schools is at the core of our inspirational teaching and group work. You will gain a powerful mix of contemporary theory – ideas that have often been shaped or even created by our world-class faculty – and practical and insightful lessons from the real world.

A friendly and supportive environment

The School attracts leading academics from across the world: foremost thinkers who not only understand the most important ideas in their field but have made a major contribution to them. Yet ask any LUMS graduate and they will tell you how friendly and supportive our faculty and staff are.

Our faculty are passionate not only about the subjects they teach, they are equally passionate about wanting you to succeed. All our staff will do their best to make your time here enjoyable and very rewarding.

Working together

For nearly 50 years, we have helped our students test new tools and techniques in the real world. There is a mix of teaching styles to help you grow and develop: from interactive lectures and seminars, to focused groupwork, work placements and company-based projects.

We will help you develop invaluable team skills, and encourage you to learn from faculty members, alumni and other leading practitioners, as well as from your fellow students.

We train you also to see issues not in isolation but to identify the important connections between areas. Many of our programmes feature interdisciplinary design and teaching. Our MSc in IT, Management and Organisational ChangeMSc in Quantitative Finance and the new MSc in Politics, Philosophy and Management, for example, collaborate with departments across the wider University.

People with minds of their own

The modern world needs leaders with minds of their own. We believe strongly in the value of critical thinking – so you will be encouraged to question, reflect on and challenge current practice in business and management. And you will also be challenged to consider not only the issues of today, but to look ahead also to those of the future and think about how you might tackle them.

We will help you develop your own intellectual confidence, knowledge and understanding to enable you to express your ideas effectively and persuasively.