Programme content

The Finance MSc and the Accounting and Financial Management MSc are supremely flexible: you can switch between them at an early stage if you find your interests changing.

Some of the MSc modules contribute to CFA qualifications at various levels – for details, see the individual module descriptions.

Term 1: October to December

In this term you take four introductory modules:

You will also complete a non-assessed two-week module on Financial Databases. 

Plus four further assessed modules:

Term 2: January to March

You take four assessed modules, comprising two or three from:

Plus one or two from:

Term 3: April to September

From May to July you work solely on your Masters dissertation and progress report, with guidance from your academic supervisor.

You continue this work throughout the remainder of the summer, submitting your dissertation in September, at the end of the Masters programme.

There is a wide choice of dissertation topics, and some recent examples include:

AcF701 – Option-Implied Probability Distributions and Risk Preferences

AcF702 – Executive Compensations

AcF703 -  Equity Valuation using Accounting Numbers

AcF706 – Accounting:  Business Valuation using Accounting Numbers

AcF706 – Finance: Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management Strategies