Why study Accounting and Finance at Lancaster?

Lancaster has a very strong reputation for accounting and finance both academically and in the business world. Our staff not only have a long track record in research excellence, but also act as consultants and advisors to a range of government and regulatory bodies.

Closely tied to industry needs

Our excellent relationships with a wide variety of employers provide a key advantage for job-hunters. But they also ensure that what we teach gives you knowledge and skills that will be of real practical use when you go back into the workforce. And as industry trends and practices change, so too does our curriculum.

That’s reflected in our accreditation from professional bodies such as the CFA and ACCA – and enables you to acquire professional qualifications more rapidly as a result.

Gain highly valuable practical skills

Our financial markets lab, with its Bloomberg terminals, allows you to develop skills in using some of the finance industry’s leading data platforms, and access to the department’s extensive range of financial databases means you’ll be using tools that are widely used by financial analysts.

Depending on the specialist options you choose, you will also become proficient in using econometric techniques, and learn how to program with Stata and Visual Basic.

Study for professional qualifications alongside your Masters

For suitably qualified Finance MSc students, a special ACCA pathway provides preparation for professional exams. And for students on any of our Accounting and Finance Masters who show real academic prowess at Lancaster, we offer special scholarships which provide financial support for CFA examinations.

Keep abreast of latest research

Our modules are informed by the latest research, often produced by our own faculty – and the project you do in the summer offers you the chance to work directly with a faculty member on an important area of current research.

Enhance your CV by studying abroad

A wide range of post-Masters schemes with other leading business schools enable you to add to your international experience by extending your study.

For high-achieving Finance MSc students, this includes our double degree scheme with the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, where six months’ further study in Lisbon can earn you a second Masters qualification.

Networks for your future career

LUMS is a highly international school, attracting talented and ambitious individuals from all parts of the world. That makes for a very vibrant and stimulating classroom experience – and many of our graduates also find that friendships made at Lancaster can open the way to many other valuable professional contacts.

We have active alumni networks in many countries, so even after you graduate, there will be plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with old friends and to make new ones.