MSc Financial Analysis

Heading for a career in investment management or financial analysis? Our one-year Advanced Financial Analysis MSc will give you the specialist knowledge and skills you need, and help you to acquire the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level II qualification.

Designed to develop desk-ready industry professionals in the areas of investment management and financial analysis, the programme sets out to give you the level of knowledge required for the CFA Level II examination. The modules we offer are therefore both more academically advanced and more practice-oriented than those you will find on a typical UK Masters programme in finance. 

To take you swiftly to the next stage in your career, the Advanced Financial Analysis MSc involves expert teaching from Lancaster’s world-renowned Department of Accounting and Finance. Additionally, you will receive intensive  tutoring and support from leading global financial services training provider Fitch Learning for the CFA Level II and, where necessary, Level I examination.

Key aspects of the programme include:

  • Eight modules in the first two terms related to investments and financial analysis
  • A dedicated module on Personal Development for Careers in Finance, enabling you to assess your core strengths and fine-tune your career strategies
  • Concurrent online training and support managed by Fitch Learning, providing access to additional learning materials, practice CFA questions, performance monitoring, and real-time feedback
  • Intensive CFA Level II training delivered by Fitch Learning tutors
  • Where necessary, a special first-term module preparing students to sit the December CFA Level I exam
  • A dissertation project allowing you to focus in depth on an area of current investment practice

Find out more about the programme content of the Advanced Financial Analysis MSc.