Learning environment

This programme presents you with both demanding academic material and the types of practical issues that finance professionals have to deal with in their working environment.

The emphasis is on a critical and analytical approach to learning, which requires you to engage deeply with material, develop strong analytical skills and challenge some of your own preconceptions.

Various styles of learning are used – not only lectures and individual study but also group- and team-based activities. Some modules are similar in style to what you can expect to encounter in training sessions in your working career.

You will have opportunities to work on a variety of group tasks, both assessed and non-assessed. Given the broad nationality mix within our class, this builds your capacity to work effectively in teams, and to communicate and negotiate with people from other cultures.

These soft skills – together with time and project management skills – are of course as vital for an effective manager as the acquisition of sound techical skills.


The assessment for the various modules includes coursework assignments, group-based and individual projects, and also formal examinations. Many modules use a mix of coursework and formal exams, so that you can demonstrate your abilities in various ways.

You will be given specific training by the experienced Fitch learning tutors to prepare you for the CFA examinations – and the Fitch learning portal gives you access to a bank of practice questions and other learning resources you can work on in your own time.

Independent study and study facilities

Outside the taught sessions, you will be expected to manage your own learning, reading widely, using both print-based and Internet resources.

You will have access to a wide range of industry-standard databases such as DealScan, OptionMetrics, BoardEx and Thomson Reuters Eikon, and to the School's dedicated Bloomberg Professional suite.