Finance MSc student profiles

The MSc in Finance can provide a fast-track route to careers in investment banking and financial services. Read what our former students think about their time at LUMS and how their careers have benefited.



Audrey Lye

MSc Finance, 2016

After graduating from Lancaster University, Audrey joined KPMG as an Auditor on their Graduate Programme.

Dimitrios Kanelis

MSc Finance, 2016

Dimitrios is currently studying at Catolica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal.

Sebastian Stauss

MSc Finance, 2016

Sebastian now works as a Finance Trainee at LANXESS AG in Cologne.

Ilhan Kirpik

Finance MSc, 2013

Ilhan now works for Citi in New York as an Investment Banking Associate.

Alexander Thimm

MSc Finance, 2013

Alexander completed his Lancaster degree in MSc Finance and went on to do a double degree at Catolica Lisbon School of Business.

Leonard Eggert

MSc Finance, 2013

Leonard learnt Chinese while at LUMS, and winning a scholarship from the Lancaster China Management Centre, he was able to spend a term in Beijing after completing his MSc.

Aleksander Hristov

Finance MSc, 2012

Aleksander joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch after graduating.

Waqar Ahmed

Finance MSc, 2010

After a year as a lecturer, Waqar started studying for a PhD in Finance at Warwick Business School.

Jing Lu

Finance MSc, 2009

After her MSc, Jing Lu took up a tutoring post at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics.

Hsing-Ju Hsieh

Finance MSc, 2009

The reputation of the School, and partnership with CFA, was what attracted Hsing-Ju to the MSc in Finance.

Lanlan Liu

Finance MSc, 2009

Lanlan has stayed on in the UK to start a PhD in Finance after completing her MSc.

Prajwal Kanoi

Finance MSc, 2008

Prajwal came to Lancaster after completing internships with Hyundai and Goodricke Group in India. He is now running his own business.