The MSc Financial Analysis is a unique one-year full-time Masters degree in finance designed for students who wish to obtain the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I qualification.

In addition to the teaching from Lancaster’s world-renowned Department of Accounting and Finance, the MSc Financial Analysis offers intensive, integrated tutoring and support from global financial services training provider Fitch Learning for the CFA Level I examination.

Key aspects of the MSc Financial Analysis include:

  • Eight modules (120 credits) from our existing CFA Program Partner status Masters degrees, providing comprehensive coverage of accounting and finance topics from the CFA syllabus
  • An intensive CFA training module delivered by Fitch Learning tutors
  • Concurrent online training and support managed by Fitch Learning, including additional learning materials, practice CFA questions, performance monitoring, and real-time feedback
  • An assessed CFA Level I-style examination as part of the dissertation phase of the programme, with tailored feedback from Fitch Learning
  • An investment-practice-focused dissertation project drawing on the CFA Level I syllabus material and relevant academic insights
  • Continued access to Fitch Learning’s online training portal following completion of the programme in September through to the CFA Level I examination in December

Find out more about the structure and content of the MSc Financial Analysis.

The CFA module Play this video

The CFA module

Gain insights into how we prepare students for the CFA Level 1 examinations.

The value of the CFA qualification Play this video

The value of the CFA qualification

John Worth, MD Financial Control at Barclays plc, and an alumnus of Lancaster University Management School, discusses the value of the CFA qualification.