Dissertation tutor

Dr Pete Thomas

The final component of the ITMOC programme, which starts in late May and runs through to the end of the programme in early September, is the dissertation. For this you conduct a substantial piece of research and write a 16,000 word dissertation.

The dissertation represents 60 credits of the overall assessment, and is your chance to bring together and demonstrate all the learning you have acquired throughout the programme. You are supported during the project period by an academic supervisor whom you consult for guidance as you develop your ideas and your research.

Forms of dissertation project

Several different types of research project are available, each requiring a slightly different, though overlapping, set of skills. Which type you undertake will depend both on your own interests and the skills you have developed throughout the programme. All forms of dissertation are designed to enhance your analytical and research skills.

Company project

Students on this type of company project spend up to two months working with an organisation on a specific project. In company projects are defined as a result of consultation between an organisational representative, the student and the academic supervisor. You then use your project experience and data collected for the dissertation.

Several client projects are normally sponsored each year by our programme partners, Accenture and Deloitte. The programme also works on projects with smaller and medium size companies across the UK.

For more information on company projects, see employer collaboration.

Developing or assessing current research in a particular field of study

This type of disseertation gives you an opportunity to go into depth in an area in which you have developed an interest. You analyse and synthesise existing literature, and explore and assess secondary data (such as published case studies, articles and statistics available) in order to present your own detailed analysis and conclusions on your chosen area of study. You will be expected to demonstrate in your analysis how you have used the concepts and ideas presented to you on the ITMOC programme.

Case study based/empirical research project

This type of research project centres around a case study or empirical research examining the development and/or use of information and communication technologies, management practices related to technological innovations or organisational implications of new technologies. Typically for this you will conduct some primary research by means of interviews and/or questionnaires, though this will depend on the nature and aims of the project.

The outcome is likely to be firstly a consideration of how company, sector or domain specific findings relate to the existing literature on the particular topic, and, secondly, perhaps some suggestions for future practice within the organisation. As with other types of project, in your analysis you will be drawing on the concepts and the latest research presented during the ITMOC programme.

ITMOC students have had access to interview senior directors and managers at KPMG in the UK/Netherlands and Microsoft in West Africa for 2013 dissertations.