Social aspects of the digital age

This module explores in detail a number of contemporary themes and issues relevant to the continuing emergence of the digital world. It builds on some concepts and ideas introduced in the core modules.

The emphasis of this module will be on the political, ethical, management and organisational implications of embedding information technology into organisations and society. Each of these will be discussed in detail, with reference to specific case examples where possible. For example, we explore issues surrounding computer crime and the ways in which this affects organisations and society. Further, we explore the theme of electronic government, and how we can manage and organise the provision of electronic government services.


  • Digital democracy
  • Computer crime – privacy and surveillance
  • Electronic government
  • Social exclusion: the digital divide
  • ICTs in developing countries

The module is delivered via a combination of lectures and seminars focused around specific readings.


Entirely by coursework

Module leaders

Professor Brian Bloomfield and Dr Niall Hayes