Employer collaboration and partnerships

From concept to delivery, the MSc ITMOC is grounded firmly in practice – and a key part of that is the programme's close involvement with a number of major employers.


Since 2005, ITMOC has been working closely with Accenture, one of the world's largest and most successful professional services and consulting firms.

The collaboration takes two main forms:

  • Teaching
    Consultants from Accenture work with ITMOC faculty in providing a workshop on consulting. Using real case studies, the Accenture staff introduce their various approaches to consulting interventions, demonstrating how they elicit client requirements, analyse and structure problems, and, ultimately, bring about change in their clients’ organisations. The Accenture team run workshops where students are required to present their analysis of case study problems.

  • Client projects
    Accenture sponsors several ITMOC projects that involve students researching an issue of concern that the company faces in its consulting engagements. Examples include the future of UK border control, identity management in the UK, and utility computing, the integration of strategy and technology consulting in the context of digital transformation.

    The project work forms the basis of the students’ dissertations, and each project involves two ITMOC students (currently EU only) working closely with a consultant over the dissertation period. The reports arising from the ITMOC projects have been published within Accenture’s Knowledge Archive Series.


The programme now works closely with the global consultancy firm Deloitte, who contribute to the ITMOC guest lecture series. The company also has also sponsored several ITMOC summer projects, and a number of ITMOC graduates have been recruited on to its graduate scheme.

Deloitte also provide several ITMOC projects that involve students researching a area of relavance to Deloitt's policy and consultancy strategy. For instance, this year five ITMOC students are evaluating the future of the IT department in the banking and pharmaceutical sector with senior Deloitte managers.

Informed Solutions

Informed Solutions is a UK technology and management consultancy firm based in Manchester. ITMOC students are collaborating with Informed Solutions to look at the role of senior management teams in strategic transformation.


For the past two years ITMOC has been developing links with Microsoft in West Africa. ITMOC students have researched technological aspects of governance in relation to emerging economics and the role of small and medium sized business in the adoption of cloud-based systems. Microsoft also contributes to the programme's annual Chief Information Workshop at the Work Foundation in London.


ITMOC is a longstanding member of the SAP University Alliance. The Business Analysis and Enterprise Systems module uses ERPsim.

ITMOC students are working with SAP in the UK to provide research insights on how to organise consultancy services in the context of cloud technologies.