Learning environment

One of the most distinctive features of the ITMOC programme is the individual and collective learning environment that you will be part of throughout the academic year. A number of elements are important in this:

Emphasis on academic skills and professional development

The ITMOC induction week includes a special study skills module which continues through the first term. This is designed to familiarise you with the various academic skills you will need on ITMOC. You will be helped not only with presentation and group work skills, but also with essay writing, referencing and literature searches. This module is particularly valuable for international students or those returning to study after a few years in industry. This is part of the Academic and Professional Practice module.

Learning groups

All students are allocated to learning groups during the programme. The learning groups provide co-operative learning opportunities and peer-to-peer support. Groups work collaboratively in a number of modules.

Supportive and student-centred approach

Because every student has his or her own personal history and individual learning style and will approach the ITMOC programme content differently, teaching and learning on the programme caters for this by taking a variety of forms. This is true also of the range of assessment methods used, which include both individual and group-based assessment.

A mix of formal lectures, seminars, workshops and student-led sessions are used, including specific organisational cases, in-depth research assignments, detailed problem-solving exercises and group projects. The aim is to develop opportunities for individual and independent and collective learning, rather than mere ‘teaching’. Across the programme, the approach is very open and interactive, and feedback is welcomed.

Tied to latest research and practice

Some of the material you will encounter on the ITMOC programme relates to the ongoing research of module tutors. At other times you will be engaging directly with industry professionals, as in the workshops led by Accenture. Academic staff are also regularly available outside of the classroom for individual consultation. This becomes especially important during the final project/dissertation stage.

We practise what we preach – as well as learning about software systems, you’ll be using the latest IT to support your learning. This now includes a module on Business Analysis and Enterprise Systems.

Social events and study tours

The ITMOC programme is not just about hard work – it is also an opportunity for you to mix socially with your cohort and build relationships. Social representatives in each class take on the task of organising various events such as Christmas and end-of-term parties, and sometimes even trips to Europe!

Study Tours to London are also integrated into the programme. Students visit London to attend the world's largest Cloud and Big Data Conference.