ITMOC MSc student profiles

Former ITMOC students work as IT managers, consultants, project managers, systems analysts and general managers in organisations across the world. Find out more about ITMOC career destinations.




Ekenedirichukwu Ofor

Information Technology, Management & Organisational Change (ITMOC) MSc, 2017

Ekene is currently taking MBA classes at Université Laval sponsored by LUMS.

Mike Pelz

Information Technology, Management & Organisational Change (ITMOC) MSc, 2017

Mike has got an offer to join networks direkt GmbH in Germany.

Narjisse Benjfine

MSc ITMOC, 2016

Narjisse is currently working at SAP, Morocco, as a Pre-sales Associate.

Kavyashree Chandrashekhar

MSc ITMOC, 2016

Kavyashree is currently pursuing a study abroad programme in Poland, recommended by LUMS.

Aaron Bowen-Ziecheck

MSc ITMOC, 2016

Aaron is currently studying for a PhD in Information Studies at McGill University.

Fortune Umeugo

MSc ITMOC, 2015

Fortune is currently conducting market research as he plans to launch his own start-up IT-related business.

Grace Samuel

MSc ITMOC, 2015

Grace is currently working as an IT Product Analyst for a leading technology services and solutions company in Nigeria.

Morikeoluwa Oredipe

MSc ITMOC, 2015

Morikeoluwa is currently working at Cornerstone Insurance in Nigeria as an IT Specialist.

Dharmendra Patel

MSc ITMOC, 2015

After completing MSc ITMOC, Dharmendra went back to India to gain experience working in his Father’s real estate development business.

Serhan Kale

MSc ITMOC, 2015

Serhan is currently working at Travelport as a Data Analyst.

Ante Plazibat

MSc ITMOC, 2015

Ante went on to study for a PhD at the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Agata Maslowska

MSc ITMOC, 2015

Currently, Agata works in Berlin as a Business Analyst at Bank of Scotland.