Mariana Cojocari

Country of origin: Norway

Technology Consulting Analyst, Accenture

After two years in full-time employment in Norway, I was thirsty for new knowledge and experiences, therefore I decided to pursue a Master's degree abroad. After careful deliberation, the choice fell upon Lancaster University. The course I chose to study was MSc Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change (ITMOC). In all honesty, rankings, location and other trivialities did not play a large part in my deliberation. The nature of the programme, content and relevance were determining points. In my previous employment, I was exposed to high amounts of reluctance to change, particularly in relation to information technology projects. This ignited an interest to explore the reasons behind this reluctance. The MSc ITMOC programme gave me the opportunity to look at the management of organisational change and information technology, without having a great technical background.

The MSc ITMOC programme is truly unique. I did expect the content to be of high quality, but what surprised me the most was the people. Firstly, the professors who taught me had such energy and passion for their subject, together with availability to help and constant encouragement. Secondly, the diversity of the cohort, which often led to lively and controversial discussion. It truly taught me the art of listening, understanding others point of view and also admitting when I was wrong. Overall it was a truly eye-opening experience. Lastly, the Programme Director, Dr Martin Brigham, who went above and beyond to ensure his students felt at home, constantly reassured our anxiety and taught us a lot about reflection and personal strengths.

The Programme also has a great alumni network; we would often get alumni guest speakers coming in to share their experiences and knowledge through interactive workshops and seminars. Through this network, the students are able to conduct research internships with top IT companies as part of their thesis. I embarked on a placement with Accenture, exploring the most recent technology trends in human-machine interaction. As a result, I managed to secure employment with them for when I graduate. This would never have been possible without the network, the nature of the programme and the excellent LUMS Careers Team.

I could go on and on about this great Programme, however there are other aspects that I also enjoyed which are worth highlighting: the large amount of events that take place on campus, the diverse sport teams, the woodland trail, the Graduate Bar, the common room, the flatmates I met, and much more. I may not have chosen Lancaster due to rankings, but for me it has become and always will be number one.